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WINDSTAR Testimonials - OMAHA

May 02, 2013

Just a short note to compliment Windstar on their genuine hospitality - in providing us with a phenomenal experience recently aboard a Windstar bus. I was a bus mom aboard a Windstar bus that left from Manchester last Saturday, touring thru Wisconsin and Minnesota, ending back in Manchester Sunday night. Ellen was our driver - she was beyond expectations in her concern, her attention to detail, and her wonderful sense of humor. We had a great time with her and hope that we made her weekend fun as well. The ladies were on a singular mission - visiting quilt shops - and I can speak for all of them that the bus was comfortable, the ride went off without a hitch - delivering them to each shop on time and safely. Great job, Windstar - and ELLEN!!!

Kathy H .

April 21, 2013

This driver did an excellent job! We were caught in blizzard conditions on April 21 2013. Coming back from Fort McCoy. WI. Your driver did an excellent job, and we would like to thank Your driver for getting our Soldiers home safely.Nice equipment and driver. The driver did a hell of a job in the conditions we had.

This is from the Army Reserve Units | Cherokee and Sac City IA

September 7, 2012

A great big thank you, as usual, to you and your team. The bus was great and Steve was fantastic to work with.

I am so glad to know that we have a company like yours in Iowa. Your flexibility as a company, and with your drivers, is exceptional.

Thank you so much,

Kim Heidemann | Deputy Director

June 30, 2012

On that Saturday morning, my family and I (6 of us) arrived at the Des Moines International Airport expecting a noon flight to New York City. Upon arrival, we found that our flight was canceled. As our group, and another 20+ passengers awaited instructions from the airlines, we eventually were told that the airline would be sending us via your bus line from Des Moines to Milwaukee, WI. We were all given vouchers for an overnight stay at a hotel in Milwaukee, and re-booked on an outgoing flight from the Milwaukee airport at 6 am the next morning.

Our driver arrived and we were seated in your very comfortable coach. We had a very uneventful and smooth 6.5 hour trip to Milwaukee. When we arrived at the hotel, after VERY skillful maneuvering of your large vehicle through some very tight streets and parking lots, the airline had failed to notify the hotel that a bus-load of stranded air travelers would be arriving. The hotel was booked full, as was every available hotel in Milwaukee due to a big music festival. Hotels had been full for months. Of course, the large group of us were getting cranky, tired and hungry after 10 hours of waiting at an airport and riding in a coach to face yet another disappointment.

Although he had no affiliation with the airline, your driver took it upon himself to become our spokesperson. He called the airline, notified them of their error, and assisted in making new arrangements for us via several calls. He made arrangements through the Des Moines contact to have a manager at the Milwaukee airport meet us at the airline's ticket counter and set us up for the night at the airport.

We all reloaded the coach and arrived at the Milwaukee airport, unloaded and found our way to the designated meeting area. The ticket counters were all closed, and the building was dark and deserted, with the exception of a few members of the janitorial staff. We stood and waited for quite a while, awaiting the arrival of said manager and provisions. > By now, the 30 stranded travelers had been at it for over 12 hours and our discontent was continuing to grow.

The driver continued to make us comfortable and tried to appease the group as best he could. He refused to leave us until we all had the answers and provisions we needed. At that point, we were all considering him our hero! After a half hour of waiting for someone to arrive, the driver went off in search of help. He came back with two employees of the airline that he had found somewhere within the airport. He negotiated some sleeping gear (blankets and pillows) along with some vouchers for food on our behalf.

Once he was absolutely sure that we were going to finally be taken care of, he finally bid us goodnight and good luck. The level of his service and concern was obvious as he waved goodbye and applause broke out among the group.

I just wanted to pass along how wonderful the driver was, and the service we received was well above the call of duty. He could have easily left us at the hotel. He could have easily dropped us off at the airport and went on his way. But he refused to leave us in the lurch.

He proceeded to stay with us for an additional hour or two until he was confident that we were going to be taken care of.

I will definitely recommend your company to others, and keep you in mind for any personal or business needs I may have in the future! Please pass along our gratitude to the driver as well.

Thank you - Heather Wolf

May 6, 2012

Windstar Coach Lines,

Great! This was a remarkable trip in how smoothly it went. Many times James was accommodating, helping us figure out the best plan. He was also able to join us in the activities we had after he took care of the bus. That way he could talk to the students about the museum, the Orpheum theatre tour, and the Omaha Symphony Concert. He was part of the group (we had extra tickets).

Sara Diehl was easy to work with. She was available by phone & email & FAX. Answered all concerns and questions. James (the driver) was more than eager to assist in any way he could. The driver went over all safety before we left. He was a very safe driver! He handled the bus very well.

The weather cooperated also! Storm Lake High School Music department will definitely use you again for future trips! Could not have been better!

Mrs. Carol Peterson
Orchestra Director
Storm Lake High School